Hello EDMstr – Meet Alexander Nizini

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Meet Alexander Nizini and Meet Our New Track/Song Submission Module!

Alexander NiziniAlexander Nizini (for info visit Alexander-Nizini.com) and his crew have helped our label’s website a great deal by building a new API (application programming interface) for us that provides for smooth submission of our new music releases to our DSP‘s (digital service providers), such as iTunes, Amazon, and many others: Because of this change, your new tracks and albums may be listed and available for sale on these music distribution platforms in under 24 hours. We are thrilled about the results: you no longer have to upload every one your new tracks using each DSP but individually, but instead you simply upload the tracks onto our site within your Talent Account. What a relief! A single download gets your music heard on every platform worldwide!

Alex Nizini’s awesome crew did this API Overhaul Project at absolutely no cost to the label, and the new routine has been tested heavily (and successfully) using every browser on earth. Big thanks Alexander Nizini!

EDM news: M-Theory by Culttastic – Indie-Dance / Nu Disco – Music PR Agent™

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Indie-Dance / Nu Disco release from Culttastic

M-theory single cover art by Culttastic: flexible female music artThe futuristic sound of Culttastic (from TuneDome Records) is marked by pristine production and hypnotic hooks, drawing stylistic influences ranging from Benny Benassi to witch house. M-Theory is an extension of Culttastic’s otherworldly, controlling, cyberized style. This ‘indie-dance + nu Disco’ single by Culttastic is a dark club-pop anthem with seductive vocals, crystal glitches and engines ripping through laser-lit tunnels (Beatport description)…