Record Label Distribution Channels


Collection of digital music distributors

The two information sections below are self-explanatory and show that EDMstr is in a wonderful position to help you expose your music to vast international audiences, regardless of your specific dance music production style.

EDMstr’s relationship network consists of Primary and Secondary Music Distribution Channels/Partners. Our Primary Music Distribution network includes over 60 core channels, while our Secondary Music Distribution network embraces over 200 additional channels, plus their syndicated content and third-party international affiliates, with more being added regularly.

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Combined with hundreds of partners and sub-channels under each network, this dance music distribution system translates into a broad-sweeping marketing reach that touches virtually every corner on Earth across a total of over 1,000 international online music distribution platforms.

This means two things: first, you will probably only need one record label to work with, and second, your music will have a chance to reach into the hearts of audiences across the planet at about the same time. In simple terms it means this: if your music is likable, you will get noticed and you will enjoy the exposure, which will result into record sales and/or into many international bookings.


The list below is sorted in the same order in which EDMstr began working to establish relationships with these platforms. It contains our core music platforms – our Primary Distribution network. Unlike the platforms in the Secondary Distribution list (Section 2 below), these leading services have automated release ingestion systems, which means that we can control their release schedules and their market reach very well.

Note two things before you start surfing through the list… First, remember that certain websites limit user access geographically, which means that they may not be accessible from your region; for instance, a site may look broken in the UK or the USA but may work fine in Japan or Singapore. Second, because the sites below are international and many are located in time zones different from your own, they may be undergoing maintenance during your daytime hours. However, if you are certain that a specific site is down, please kindly let us know so that we can investigate.

001. Beatport
002. Amazon
003. iTunes / Apple Inc.
004. Discogs
005. Spotify Ltd
006. The 7digital Europe [SARL]
007. Resident Advisor
008. MusicLoad
009. Dance All Day
010. DJ Tunes
011. eMusic
012. Deezer
013. BV
014. Juno Records Limited
016. DJ Download
017. Shazam
018. Mixmag
019. War Child
020. Virgin Mobile
021. Nokia Corporation
022. Rdio
023. Rhapsody International Inc.
024. Satellite Records
025. JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd
026. mFlow (now
027. Toolbox Digital Ltd
028. HMV Digital
029. MOG
030. Samsung Music Hub
031. Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG)
032. Cosmote Music
033. Feel Music / Musicaroma
034. Black Market Records
035. Zune
036. Millward Brown
037. The ’3′
038. O2 Music Store
040. PlayNow
041. Verizon
042. Vodafone
043. Google Play
044. We7 (Limited to Western Europe)
045. Shop2Download
046. Sony Qriocity
047. Tesco Mobile
048. IMO Records
049. Clearwire
050. iLike on mySpace
051. iMesh
052. The ’3355 Music’
053. Hard To Find Records
054. Cyworld (Limited to Asian regions)
055. Daum
056. Joos
057. Melon
058. mNET / mWAVE
059. VidZone Digital Media
060. Monkey3
061. Olleh Music
062. Soribada
063. Track It Down
064. DI.FM / Digitally Imported
065. Dogs on Acid
066. Trance Moon Radio Network
067. Tunes 4 DJs
068. Pulselocker


EDMstr regularly collaborates with other partners and platforms, including hundreds of syndicated content channels and third-party international affiliates, with more being added regularly – all resulting into well over 1,000 productive release and distribution pathways – many of which may work very well for your specific music style! These partners and platforms include (1) networks syndicated through their parent networks (such as those listed in the section above) or (2) networks affiliated with other platforms through third-party agreements or (3) relationships resulting from our record label’s day-to-day business in the music industry, including promotional and booking opportunities, international management, music conferences, media, PR contacts, event and concert/festival marketing, etc.

We do not maintain a public list of Secondary Music Distribution channels/partners for two reasons: first, not all of them are useful for every music producer, and second, their list constantly changes as either (a) new digital distributors become available and/or (b) existing distributors run into new opportunities or go out of business or merge with others and/or (c) EDMstr establishes new and exciting contacts with other industry players. We encourage you to use our Contact Page if you have a question about a specific platform or network in any specific country/region, media sector or industry segment.