EDMstr: Record Label That Hears Every Demo

EDMstr: About Our Record label

  • Intro: We want you - the slogan of the best EDM record label on earth!EDMstr is the record label exclusively dedicated to the art of electronic dance music.
  • Goal: To find producers worldwide making unique EDM tracks, with or without vocals, and release their music globally with no up-front fees.
  • Styles: Most dance floor styles in tempos under 150bpm, including house, techno, trance, electro, dubstep, D&B, and more.
  • Why us: We are a young record label full of energy/ideas run by people who want to help: we listen to all demos, we are easy-going, and we have no upfront fees.
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Background: The Record Label That Listens

EDM-Top-100Our record label was founded on one important premise – that every serious artist and producer has some tracks that are very, very good. And so it is our goal to hear every demo track that we receive. Our primary objective is to find tracks that we call “danceable” – Girl DJ listens music with headphoneswhich means tracks that have the potential to excite a crowd. They don’t have to be loud or fast or aggressive – we believe that good tracks need to be fun, uplifting, inspiring and energetic. If you send us at least one track like this, we will talk about releasing it for you. And if you have to send us 10 tracks before we can find just one, that’s fine too – we will listen to them all! And if we find one or two good ones, we will help you master them and will release them for you on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Juno, and on tens more prestigious platforms where your music deserves to be heard.

Dance Music History in Our Name

Electronic Dance Music is not a cliche!We called this label EDMstr for a reason. Also sometimes spelled with an ‘E’ as EDMster, it means the same thing – a record label that specializes in modern dance floor music, also commonly referred to as Electronic Dance Music. This doesn’t mean that we don’t like vocals or music instruments – we do! We just recognize that in the heart of every beautiful music composition released today is a super-fast computer processor and a hard drive.

We know that producers who have been making dance music since before they bought their first computer don’t like the term EDM. But let’s face it: the most amazing dance music today – from ambient sounds to hardcore and everything in between – is made using electronic devices.

Female festival dancer - sexy neon green tanktop

In fact, all 100 of the top 100 DJs in the world today use either Ableton or Logic or ProTools or another computer-based DAW to make their amazing tracks. Let’s just accept the fact that today’s young generation of future famous DJs and star producers actually uses the term ‘EDM’ all the time, especially in the countries where electronic sounds became popular only recently. Why? Because this young generation knew nothing about club sounds and dance concerts until they went to their first EDM festival just a few years ago! The truth is, the term Electronic Dance Music has become broadly associated with everything that you as an aspiring artist know to be dance music. So, we accepted this term and we use it every day. And we hope you will do the same.

Our Artist and Repertoire Selection

Beautiful femaile with tattoos of sheet musicWe want to hear from you as soon as possible if you love dance music and if you make original dance tracks. We are not interested in remixes or mashups – we can only release originally produced sounds using a stand-alone DAW (digital audio workstation) or using a DAW together with electric or acoustic music instruments and/or vocals. If you make such original tracks/songs, send us your demos ASAP! And if we fall in love and start working together, you will be impressed with our service.

First, you will always be in control. Second, your royalties will be generous, and you will maintain the rights to your work. Last, and most importantly, you will be involved in the process and will have many chances to provide your feedback to us to help us express your artistic persona as we market your quality electronic dance music. Beautiful woman and dj headphonesOur goal is simple – to see you succeed! Although we will not take every artist, those who end up working with us will enjoy many benefits of quality hands-on service that large corporate labels are unable to provide even if they tried. EDMstr records will partner closely with each artist to help in production, mastering, artwork, manufacturing, distribution and promotion, in turn ensuring the artist’s exposure and maximizing his/her chances for success.

Do You Have Special Requirements

Sexy female lipsPerhaps you know someone (a videographer, dancer, promoter, singer, etc.) that you think should work with us closely on your next project? Great idea – we will talk to your other team members to find the best ways to collaborate! Perhaps you want to co-op with another electronica artist on your next release? Sweet – we will reach out to them on your behalf and will help you draft your mutual strategy. EDMstr Records will always be creative and hard-working in reaching out to your audiences around the globe.

Only You Can Take the First Step

DJ woman in headphonesRemember: we cannot work with every artist, but we are in fact interested in every artist’s potential! We can’t stress this enough: SEND US YOUR DEMOS TODAY! Please understand: your music cannot submit itself to us for review, and you cannot count on us to find your music at random by checking out your soundcloud… and your music will never get anywhere unless people hear it. So you need to take five minutes and send us your track/album demos. And do it today! We believe that every dance music artist deserves to be heard, and we promise to take the time and to listen to your demos/previews. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. We want your music production career to be a success, and we want to grow and to succeed together with you.