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  • Free Publicity: Don’t need a record label? Submit your previews/teasers here.
  • Bookings: Scheduling a tour? Luke Kelvin (our founder) may help – view form.
  • Tracks above 145bpm: If you produce HARD DANCE, submit demos to our label TuneDome – it releases the harder EDM styles (hard dance, hardstyle, etc).


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This is our 5-minute demo submission form. We appreciate this opportunity to hear your wonderful music. Our rules are simple, but they cannot be changed or bent: please read the requirements and then answer the form questions – honestly and completely. If you have questions or problems, use the contact page to connect with EDMstr staff by phone or by email.

Demo Submission Requirements

  1. LOG-IN… This page is public – we have nothing to hide. But you must be logged in and registered to submit your demo tracks. Registration is free and takes moments. Do you see your name in the upper right corner of this page? If yes, continue reading. If not, click this to register. Log-in problems? Let us know.
  2. WE ACCEPT… Your own original tracks produced with your sounds and/or legal samples and/or instruments and/or vocals. No remixes, mashups or bootlegs. If we hear sounds in your song that don’t belong there, we lose interest.
  3. TEMPO… We usually want track tempos below 140bpm – if your demos are faster, you may want to submit them to our hard dance label.
  4. BE COOL… We accept up to 10 tracks per submission. Make it easy for us to listen to your music. Don’t send us to a Soundcloud page that has tons of songs and remixes and bootlegs in no particular order. We need a direct link to each song. If you can’t provide direct track links, you also can email the files to us – you will see the instructions on how to do that while completing the form below.
  5. NO SIGNED MUSIC… Don’t send us music that has already been released, unless you submit a meaningful explanation with it (use the Additional Information field for that). We will talk to represented artists if they can demonstrate that they are actively looking to change labels for good reasons. We don’t want to re-release music, and we are not looking to steal artists from other labels.

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